3 Fun Tales About Monsters

This book is no longer available through all retailers. A black & white version of this story has been included in The Big Book of Monsters & Friends located HERE. However, you can still pick up the original full-color book at most online stores or by following the link below.

Conquer your child’s fears of the dark, noises they hear at night, and their dread of swimming.

This triad of tales focuses on the fears of young children and stem from real-life experiences with the author’s own children. Each of the three tales deals with a different issue, and each is explained to hopefully help children understand how the truly frightening noises and sights they see are quite often only imagined distortions of the truth.

MY MIND MADE A MONSTER shows us how a child might form monsters out of every day items in their rooms. The story focuses on how these creatures are made and what a child should learn to believe about these made-up monsters.

SWIMMING WITH MONSTERS explores the fear of water and what things might be lurking underwater. Here we learn of one child’s fear of a creature he sees in the water, only to learn the truth in the end. Swimming is not something to fear.

THE SOUNDS MONSTERS MAKE focuses on those noises children hear and the things they associate with those noises. The story is meant to bring comfort to children by showing them the truth behind those sounds, and why there is nothing to fear.

Whether your child fears the dark, swimming, or the sounds your house makes, this triad of tales is for you. We all have monsters to deal with, yet as adults we tend to forget what we had to face as children. So why not have a little fun in exposing these fears to your child the right way, by having a good laugh.

This short picture book is targeted at younger children. The stories were developed to help children cope with their fears of the dark, swimming, and noises by identifying scary situations and bringing humor into the mix. The sentences in this book are relatively easy to read, with illustrated pictures created by the author to help understand the story.

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