How Marbles Roll

This book is no longer available through all retailers. A black & white version of this story has been included in The Big Book of Monsters & Friends located HERE. However, you can still pick up the original full-color book at most online stores or by following the link below.

Journey through a small suburban town and view a special friendship through the eyes of a marble.

If you’ve ever played with marbles, you know how beautiful they can be. There are several different types of marbles, big and small, different colors, alternate designs. And then, there is Aggie, a very special marble.

This tale is told from an unusual perspective. Follow a story of adventure, friendship, caring, giving and sacrifice. But most of all, the book details a colorful journey that will enhance the imagination of young readers.

This booklet also includes a brief description of the game of marbles. It details what materials are needed and how to set the game up for initial play. The rules of marbles are listed in an easy to understand format. So, why not play one of the oldest and most treasured games right now?

This short picture book is targeted at younger children, but the game itself applies to all ages that are able to use marbles, although this may depend upon your own child’s progress. The story was developed to learn about friendship, giving, sharing, and acceptance by traveling through the virtual eyes of a marble. The sentences in this book are relatively easy to read, with photographs to help understand the story.

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